5 Kickstarter Fashion Projects We Love

As part of our Kickstarter Journey we’ve discovered some fantastic projects from other creative businesses.

There are so many unique and innovative campaigns to choose from, but here are just a few of our current fashion favourites:

Fill out a short questionnaire to teach me about your style and vibe, and I'll create a custom necklace based on what I learn.

Kathryn Jaller – Aura Reading Necklaces

What We Love: This project offers more than gorgeous jewellery rewards. Kathryn wants boost her creativity by creating a completely unique piece of jewellery for every one of her backers! Using a survey based on the principles of personality type, astrology and aura, she’ll develop a sense of each backers style and personality and create something truly unique.

branding GRAMMAR: marketing an emerging brand project video thumbnail


What We Love: As a young jewellery line on the verge of expansion, GRAMMAR is a worthwhile cause. We love projects that support makers into the future, and we love brands that are ethical and locally sourced.

This project is to make the most extravagant and detailed Polly pin yet! Hinged pin with enamel details on both sides of the top half!

PEACHish – Lulu in her Seaside Locket

What We Love: Our inner child is jumping up and down with excitement over these gorgeous hinged Polly Pocket pins! With the added bonus of a pendant loop the design is versatile, fun and nostalgic all at the same time!

ROYALTY RINGS : 21st Century Jewelry Rings project video thumbnail

Royalty Rings

What We Love: Royalty Rings use of innovative materials instantly caught our eye. These completely handmade titanium and carbon fiber rings are not only stunning but lightweight, hypoallergenic and lovingly designed.

Minimalist Luxury Wood Watches Made Out Of Waste Wood project video thumbnailGentleman & Rebel

What We Love: These minimalist luxury watches are made out of waste wood, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. The elegant design is not only handcrafted but includes scratch resistant crystal glass, making them extremely durable.


We hope you love these projects as much as we do!

If you’re passionate about a project we haven’t featured here please Contact Us, we’re eager to hear all about it.